Heeley Parish Church

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Are you thinking about a baptism (christening) for yourself or your child? If so, you are in the right place!

If you would like to find out more about baptism or thanksgiving for the birth of a child, we would love to chat it through it with you. 

Here's what happens:A Christening

1. Telephone 07954997444 to arrange a Baptism.

2. We'll have a chat with a view to booking a date. The date is best at least 3 months away.

3.  You will be asked for some details which will be kept confidentially. (Just the usual stuff such as full names, address, contact details etc)

4. Then we'll ask you to join us at church at least three times before the Christening. We'll help you choose the most suitable services.

5. One of us will visit you close to the date of the baptism.  We'll take you through what happens at the service and what the various bits of it mean.  There will be lots of chance for questions and none will be too basic or silly.  We want to help you to connect with God and won't put hurdles in your way!  The Church of England asks that all families are ‘properly prepared’ for baptism. 

A Christening party

For more information about baptism in the Church of England, please follow this link.