Heeley Parish Church

Transforming life, transforming lives

About Us

Heeley Parish Church, or Christ Church Heeley, as it is sometimes known, has been serving the people of Heeley for over 170 years! You can read more about the history here. During that time, many changes have taken place in our community, but the church is still here, at the heart of it all.

Our strap line 'transforming life, transforming lives' reflects our desire that our lives be transformed to be more like Jesus Christ, and we seek to help one another along the way.

Our values are bible based and you can see them on our 'values' page.

Our key priorities in mission right now are to:

1. Grow a network of 20 small groups.  These are called 'Cell' groups and the first four were launched in May 2019. 

2. To deepen our experience of community within the church. We now have a new prayer chain, and are launching a new social programme.

3. To grow our work with families and children. Exciting news: We have just appointed a Families and Children's worker thanks to the Diocesan Centenary Project.

4. To begin a social cafe.  This was launched on 22 January, its now every Tuesday from 11:00 to 1:30 - see CafeCare for more details.

5. To develop the use of the church to become a community hub, initially by  modernising the facilities to make it flexible for present day use.We are working with architects, and trying to raise funds to make this happen.We plan to make the new facilities available for community groups to use at very low prices.  Also we hope to provide lots of courses and workshops, events and activities for the community and our new Families and Children's worker will be involved in this. For full details of this exciting project follow this link.