Heeley Parish Church

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Cell Group

Adult Groups (Cells)

Our Cell group network was launched in May 2019. 

Each Cell has between 6 and 8 members and most meet in the comfort of a member's home.

Our Cell groups help us to ground our faith in real life. It's all very nice hearing a sermon preached on a Sunday, but if we are going to enable it to make a difference in our lives we need to be able to talk about it with supportive friends.

In our Cells we get to know one another well.  They are safe places where we can talk about quite private things if we want to.  We can ask questions and help each other to find answers.  We can share our anxieties and our hopes and ask for prayer.  And if the going gets really tough it's not unusual to find members of the Cell turn up on our door step with a cooked meal or other practical help.

Cells meet twice a month, usually in the week following the communion services in church. 

We would be delighted to welcome you into a cell group, and are sure you will love it!