What is Alpha? Watch the video below:

We are only offering Alpha on-line right now, so sorry guys that means no food! Although you can always have own refreshments ............ 

We begin by watching a film and they're great! Here's a preview of the films we watch - each one lasts about 30 minutes:

And after the film we talk about it - or whatever you want to talk about really - you can ask what you want, say what you want, or say nothing at all.

And here's a trailer specifically for Alpha on-line. Enjoy!

We connect using zoom. Don't worry if you've not used zoom before we can give you help. But you do need a good internet connection.

It all starts Monday evening 21st September at 7:30 and runs every week for around 12 weeks, but you can obviously stop when you want. We find the vast majority of people want to join every week and stay the course.

To book or ask questions email Bob. PS Its free.

Do you have questions?

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